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10 Secrets That Will Make You Look Younger

by JJ Follano 25 Sep 2015 0 Comments
There are simple ways to look younger. When you’re young you can do just about anything you want and bounce back to looking great with good skin, a healthy body and thick hair. It’s not so easy with time, but you can still look fabulous, healthy and sexy at any age. Here are 10 secrets for a young-looking appearance by making a few lifestyle changes. 1. Pay attention to your facial expression. When you look worried, afraid or stressed you might look older. When you are smiling, you look younger. 2. Watch what you wear. As your body changes, you may need to adjust your wardrobe to draw attention away from a wrinkly neck or a belly. 3. Volumize your hair and use deep conditioning to keep it looking as thick as possible. Maybe it’s time to try a lighter color or a new cut. Hair things with age and you may need to update your look.

A Healthy Diet Helps You to Look Younger

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4. Eat healthier foods. Grapes, berries, plums and pears help your skin absorb and retain moisture. Get plenty of Vitamin K by eating green vegetables – they help your blood coagulate and reduce bruising. Eat oily fish to boost muscle tone and help your skin look younger and firmer. Enjoy red wine in moderation. Resveratrol, a compound found in red wine, seems to slow aging, helping to keep bones stronger and motor coordination better. Red wine is heart-healthy too! 5. Make more love. Women who enjoy sex live longer and are happier. Some physicians say that if you double the amount of good sex, it can add up to three years to your life span! 6. Use your brain. The more you use it the healthier it stays. Take up a hobby, learn a new skill, drive a different route. Anything to make you think outside the box. 7. Stop eating so much. Eat until you are 80-percent full. If you exercise, eat less and lose weight. Your body’s production of T3 is reduced. T3 is a thyroid hormone that slows your metabolism and the aging process. 8. Lose the belly fat! Studies show that if you have a lot of belly fat your chances of dementia in old age are nearly three times higher than people who do not have excess belly fat.

Look Younger By Staying Active

9. Exercise most days of the week. Exercise helps prevent muscle loss while providing flexibility and balance. You’ll sleep better and look younger. 10. Take care of your skin. Exfoliate weekly, use moisturizers and sun protectants daily, and use a retinol alternative skin cream found in Eminence Coconut Age Corrective Moisturizer.

A Moisturizer to Help You Look Younger with Firm Skin

Coconut Age Corrective Moisturizer contains Swiss green apple stem cells and Natural Retinol Alternative to instantly firm your skin. They go on to boost your skin’s collagen production for youthful, healthier skin. Coconut oil and coconut water moisturize and hydrate your skin while delivering a vitamin and mineral cocktail to your skin. Firming, lifting, moisturizing your skin – what a great product to help you look younger and beautiful, no matter what age you are.
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