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Based on 1710 reviews
Love this!

This serum is full of lots of healthy and natural ingredients that have really helped my overly sensitive skin. Three- four drops of this amazing stuff covers my face and décolleté plus doesn’t leave a sticky residue like other serums I’ve tried. And my bottle has lasted almost 5 months. Definitely getting this serum again!

Works but smell takes getting used to

I have been using this for about a month now and have seen a drastic improvement in my skin. The smell took a little getting used to but doesn't linger. In the past I either had to deal with acne/oily skin or use a cleanser frequently during the week to control it and then deal with dry skin/flaking. I use this 3-4 times per week and it has helped me achieve balance of clearing the acne without over drying my face. As it's winter time I also use a moisture mask 1x per week (Eminence Calm Skin Arnica Masque).

Expired, Rank Product

In general, I really like this product when it is fresh, but the one I received from EmStore was rank in the sense that it produced a foul smelling odor that stuck to my face and followed me around all day.
It literally took me almost a week of smelling and replacing all my towels, trying to find the origin of the wet sponge smell that I would acquire every time I washed my face, to finally realize the smell was coming from the Acne Advanced Clarifying Hydrator that I’d just spent $62 on!!
The first bottle I had purchased directly from Eminence did not have the same putrid stench, so it’s clearly an issue with the product quality / freshness, as opposed to just an odd, unpleasant smell that is supposed to be there.
Obviously, I returned it to EmStore, and immediately replaced it with another one directly from Eminence, which did not smell, as I was uncomfortable putting unidentified, but clearly rotten organic materials on my face…
The best part is that when I finally received my “refund,” after mailing the original tainted product back to EmStore, it came in the form of store credit, less the cost of shipping!! So, now I’m stuck with $56.19 in credit for a store that has demonstrated a blatant lack of concern for the quality of their products (I noticed other reviewers had also noted an unusual smell)!
Ultimately, the whole experience cost me $5.81 in shipping, my time, and left me with an obligation to spend another $56.19 at a store whose integrity I no longer have any confidence in..
Why would I want store credit from a place that just let me pay $62 for an obscenely stinky, expired product, and then took no accountability for it whatsoever?

Phytomer CC Crème 01 Skin Perfecting Cream

So far I like this product. My skin does show a more even tone with it and dark spots seem to lighten.

Really great product

Really great product. Very earthy organic scent, a little unusual but not off putting like some other high end products I've wanted money on. I really like this and feel it helps to lock in the moisture and smooth or my skin. So glad I found these products


This is probably my favorite product out of the 5 I purchased with my first order. The smell is amazing, I mean AMAZING. it's super concentrated and it have to constantly remind myself I don't need as much as I think I do which is good since it's pricey. Good products are with it tho! I have already botched an improvement to the moisture of my skin especially on my neck and chest. I have sorry sensitive skin which is dry and I get rosacea flare ups. My skin is so nicely moisturized after using this precut, I will be using this forever.


I was reluctant to purchase this product, I don't usually use a moisturizing spray. My esthetician recommended it and honestly whatever I've been doing isn't working so who was into say no?
The spray is subtlety scented like what, I couldn't say. It's pleasant tho. After experimenting with applying it I've decided I like to spray two pumps onto a cotton ball that I have unwound, that way the cotton isn't absorbing the product and it actually goes onto my skin. I like this better than spraying directly into my face because I feel like it's less wasteful. Directly spraying my face is refreshing on occasion but not my norm. Very nice product.


This. Product. Smells. Amazing. It's such a sweet and subtle smells like strawberry rhubarb pie. It is a fine exfoliant yet very gentle on my sensitive skin. I like how concentrated the product is and feel like it will last me quite a long time, even if I use it a few times per week.


I had a facial a little while back and the esthetician recommended this and several other emstore products. I grew up in a time of harsh cleansers like noxema and stridex, this cleanser is a far way from those products. This cleanser smells amazing and is highly concentrated so a little bit goes a long way. The cleanser is very rich and moisturizing yet effective. I can already see improvement to my skin after a week of using it twice per day. I actually look forward to cleaning my face every day! Love it and can't wait to try more projects by this company! Only caveat, I wish the packaging was more sustainable/ eco friendly.

Susan Modezjewski
Old products

I wanted to try a few new products. One of the samples even smelled stale. I was disappointed in what I got for $16

Rosacea Skin All Clear!

I recently went to an aesthetician and she highly recommended I try the calming skin care line with Eminence since she said that it seemed like I had rosacea. I’ve struggled off and on throughout the years with my skin. I bought a month long starter kit, and aside from some very minor purging after a week or so which only lasted a couple of days, I noticed a big improvement nearly immediately. I’ve been on this line for one month and just ordered a full set. My skin is feeling better than it’s felt in years and I’m nearly completely clear and no redness/pinkness at all. Amazing results!

Best exfoliater in the world!

I got a sample from my esthetician and immediately felt incredible results. I bought one for my mom and mother in law right away and they both love theirs too. I will definitely be buying this again. Worth it’s weight in gold!

Best for dry skin patches

This was referred to me by a spa in Nashville several years ago after I inquired about how to get rid of dry patches under my eyes and on upper cheeks. This is the best healing face moisturizer I have ever used. Going on 7 years now and never looked back!

Great Product

My skin is normal and I just love the way this product feels, leave my face feeling supple. Great year round face wash, it takes all of the make up off. I have been using this product for 2 years and I don't like to be without it. If you are trying this for the first time and wondering how long it will last? You'll easily get 2-3 months usage for sure, so worth the price for such great quality.

Bamboo firming fluid

Wonderful product!! Makes my face feel amazing!!!

Has a dry, matte finish

This is definitely a moisturizer to either mix with a lighter one or some water. It smells really good and I’m sure it has many benefits. Just takes some getting used to re: the texture.


Love the creamy texture and exfoliation it does on my skin! Great to use as the second step of the double cleanse!

Love it.

The fizzofoliant leaves the skin feeling soft and clean. I also love the smell.


I have been using this Mist for years - it works! It hydrates and it smells very good!

Favorite heating mask

This is my favorite mask to use every other week. Gets your face nice and pink. After that, it’s all glow. I tried it once room temp, but now I’m trying this one kept in the fridge and so far it still feels great.

Very good!

I like this product a lot. It’s perfect for my sensitive skin and the results have been great. I use it with the Coconut Age Corrective Moisturizer. Excellent products.

Eminence Organics Coconut Age Corrective Moisturizer

Eminence Organics Camellia Glow Solid Face Oil

My favorite moisturizer ever!

This moisturizer is the best I’ve used yet. I have sensitive skin and breakout easily- this “cream” is nice and light and keeps me hydrated without making me breakout. It smells great and you can easily put a light layer on for hot days, or put more on when it’s cold out or your skin is dry. Highly recommend- this is worth every penny!

Smells incredible

This cleanser smells amazing and works well. My skin feels refreshed after but not stripped.