What Sleeping With Your Makeup on is Doing to Your Skin.

by Darlene DeVries

What Sleeping With Your Makeup on is Doing to Your Skin.

Not falling asleep with makeup on is something we all know not to do, but sometimes it just happens. With that being said, after reading this blog post removing your foundation, concealer, mascara will become a ritual after reading this article. Here are six reasons why;

1. Breakouts.

Forgetting to remove your makeup can ultimately lead to breakouts. Although one night may not cause too much damage, if not cleansing your face becomes a habit, dirt and dead skin cells begin to build up, creating clogged pores. If you do not adequately wash your skin, dead skin cells and dirt are not removed.

2. Dull Complexion

Glowing skin is every person’s skin goals. The best way to achieve brighter and healthy-looking skin starts with making sure your skin is cleansed both morning and night. Have you ever woke up in the morning, looked in the mirror, and wished your skin wasn’t dull? The answer is as simple as washing the makeup and dirt before hitting the hay. A skincare routine will help keep your skin on track. Washing and exfoliating are crucial steps in your journey to achieving healthy skin.

3. Fine lines & Wrinkles

In the process of cell turnover, new skin cells come to the surface while old cells shed. Leaving makeup on the surface traps the dead skin cells resulting in a dull complexion. When this occurs, skin appears aged. To keep skin looking healthy and youthful, allow your skin to rejuvenate by removing your makeup!

5. Inflammation and Infections

Most makeup products contain irritants like perfumes and dyes that, when left on the surface, can lead to irritation or infections. Eye makeup can irritate eye tissue. The oil glands on your eyelid become clogged by mascara and liner, causing damage to the eye area. To prevent inflammation and infections, religiously practice your skincare routine before bed.

Let’s cut to the chase, here at EMstore we want you to practice a healthy skincare routine. Part of that routine is makeing sure your face is fully cl14eansed before bed. Even if you’re super tired, wash your face before heading to bed — your skin will thank you later. Keep scrolling for some Eminence products to help you in removing your makeup.

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