Skincare 101: Improving the Texture of Your Skin

by Darlene DeVries

Skincare 101: Improving the Texture of Your Skin

Uneven skin tone and texture are generally a result of hormones, sun exposure, blemishes, or just aging skin. From skin discoloration to hormonal acne to sunspots, it’s hard to catch a break from all the curveballs your skin throws at you. If you’re looking for the answers to smoother skin, read below to learn about four ways to improve your skin.


Exfoliation is a natural process that helps rejuvenate skin by removing any loose or dead skin cells from the surface. Exfoliating helps speed up your skin’s process and helps it to keep working towards youthful skin, revealing healthy skin below. Scrubs that are aggressive on the surface or over-exfoliating your skin can cause micro-tears and oil overproduction. We recommend using the Stone Crop Oxygenating Fizzofoliant for its light fizzing action, this revitalizing formula gently invigorates the skin and removes impurities to reveal a beautiful, brighter-looking complexion.

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Disclaimer: We will never get tired of telling you how important sunscreen is, and your skin’s texture is one of the many reasons. Applying sunscreen regularly often slows down signs of aging, while also reduces hyperpigmentation. So, as well as being a protector to your skin, it also corrects skin concerns. The Tropical Vanilla Day Cream SPF uses hydrating shea butter and the fragrant aroma of vanilla to care for your skin with natural SPF defenses.

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TIP #3: Incorporate Vitamin C

Vitamin C improves the skin’s texture by defending and repairing the skin from environmental factors. While protecting the skin from environmental factors, vitamin C also reduces pigmentation, dark spots, and scar tissue. Keep your skin forever young with this powerhouse skincare ingredient. The Citrus & Kale Potent C+E Serum provides a dose of non-irritating Vitamin C. It is stabilized by botanically-derived ferulic acid to deliver optimal antioxidant benefits and improve the appearance of skin.

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TIP #4: Use Facial Oils 

Oil-based products believe it or not work as the perfect regulator when it comes to sebum production, which results in balanced and ultra-smooth skin. Utilizing facial oils at night is ideal for achieving well-balanced skin or if your skin needs extra moisture. Are you looking for the perfect oil treatment for your skin? The Eminence Herbal Facial Recovery Oil is a deeply soothing and nourishing anti-aging facial treatment. It uses a blend of non-comedogenic botanical oils to boost cell regeneration as well as calm and tone the skin. 

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Improving your skin’s texture may seem unattainable, but using some of the steps will get you on your way to smooth, radiant skin. 

Tell us what you learned and your progress after reading this blog post.

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