Biodynamic Farming: What is it?

by Darlene DeVries

Biodynamic Farming: What is it?

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At we embrace the responsibility of distributing organic skincare products. However, something we are also proud of is carrying a collection one step up from organic; Eminence Organic Skin Care’s Biodynamic collection. Biodynamic methods enhance the quality of ingredients as well as decrease environmental impact. Intensify your skincare regimen with pure and potent ingredients that are even higher in vitamins, nutrients and active compounds in the Biodynamic Collection.

With an entire collection, including the newest Seabuckthorn Balancing Masque, devoted to certified Biodynamic ingredients, Eminence Organics surpasses the trend. Read to learn why Biodynamic is changing the beauty world.

What is Biodynamic Agriculture?

In the 1920s Biodynamic agriculture was a system of growing plants that originated in a spiritual worldview called anthroposophy first put forth by Rudolf Steiner in Germany. The Biodynamic Agricultural Association describes the method, stating: “The aim of biodynamic farming and gardening is to revitalize nature, grow nourishing food and advance the physical and spiritual health of humanity. Each biodynamic farm or garden is conceived of as an organism with its own individual qualities and diversity of life. Reliance on home produced compost, manures and animal feeds is a key objective and external inputs are kept to a minimum.”

Biodynamic Farming Methods

Although both organic and biodynamic aspire to promote soil health and prohibit the use of synthetic chemicals, biodynamic agriculture surpasses the idea of raw and pure ingredients. The Biodynamic farming method is a concept whereby very little human intervention is a factor. Unlike organic farms, which are permitted the use of imported organic materials, biodynamic farming is self- contained and self-sufficient. Biodynamic farmers use a variety of regenerative techniques including moon crop rotation, composting, interplanting and seed saving toensure a farm’s health and longevity.

Moon Phase Planting

Harmonizing planting to the moon phase is yet another aspect of biodynamic agriculture. The theory is that the moon influences the growth of plants just as the moon influences our tides. The idea Biodynamic farmers have explained is that from the new moon to the full moon is the ideal time to sow seeds, transplant, bud, and graft. From the full moon to the new moon is when it is best to weed, harvest, reap, plow, and cultivate. Some say it was the first modern ecological farming system.

The Demeter Biodynamic® Certification

The Demeter certification is a non-profit organization founded in 1928 with a goal to allow people to farm successfully while honoring biodynamic practices and principles. Biodynamic products are subject to extremely strict certification standards and carry the world’s oldest ecological certification system. Elizabeth Candelario, Managing Director of Demeter USA says: “Demeter Biodynamic® certification for skin care products is the most stringent standard in the world, which is why there are very few skincare companies like Eminence Organic Skin Care that attain it.”

Why Are Biodynamic Ingredients Better For Your Skin?

Eminence Organics President Boldijarre Koronczay tells Well + Good: “Because of the harmonious way that biodynamic crops are grown with the land, they have been found to contain up to 13% more potassium, 20% more sodium, 34% more iron and47% more Vitamin C than conventional produce.” The ingredients produced by biodynamic farming provide pure and potent ingredients to your skin care regimen and are extremely beneficial the skin.”

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