3 More Ways To Use The Eminence Apricot Body Oil

by Darlene DeVries

3 More Ways To Use The Eminence Apricot Body Oil

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Looking to save your skin from the harsh winter air, Eminence Apricot Body Oil is here to save the day. With the many different ways to use this product, seduce your senses and soothe your skin. This luxurious body oil is infused with hydrating Jajoba oils, moisturizing grape seed and last but not least, the aromatic apricot!

If you cant get enough of this product, try these sensational ways to utilize
the Eminence Apricot Body Oil into your Body care Regimen.


The chilly winter weather tends to cause extremely dry skin, if this is something you struggle with try mixing a few drops of Eminence Apricot Body Oil with the Eminence Strawberry Rhubarb Dermafoliant. This amazing mix between the two products should create a creamy paste as you rub your hands together. Apply to the Dry areas as a lightweight body scrub. The strawberry Rhubarb Dermafoliant is a rice powder based exfoliant with a blend of lactic acid that will leave your skin looking and feeling FLAWLESS!

2. Bad Nail Day:

Add a little nourishment to your nail beds with the Apricot Body Oil. Thats right! We’ve all been there, the cold winter months not only take over our skin but our nails and cuticles. Take a drop of oil and apply it to your cuticles to hydrate and smooth them out. Your hands and cuticles will look smooth and polished before you know it!  

3. Aroma Therapy: 

Unwind and enjoy the beautiful fragrance of the Apricot Body Oil, while giving your skin the conditioning treatment it needs. Apply 1-3 capfuls of the oil to your bath water and allow your skin to soak in all the amazing benefits this oil has to offer. After this aromatic journey, massage the oil onto your skin to achieve a nourished, dewy look.

Eminence Apricot Body Oil 

$29.00 — available on subscription

Knowing now the many uses this oil has to offer, you and your skin deserve the special treatment the Apricot Body Oil will provide! .

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