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They say “you are what you eat”. If that is true, chowing down on processed foods or foods that are high in sugar and fat, you may notice your skin may begin to appear dull. You may also start to see other issues such as oiliness, dryness, acne, and dark circles under your eyes. Read on to learn about some of Eminence Organic’s SUPER-ingredients!


Like most berries, a high concentration of anthocyanins is the reason for the deep blue color of the blueberry. Anthocyanin is a powerful form of antioxidant that protects the skin. Antioxidants defend your skin and prevent further deepening of fine lines and wrinkles, by scavenging the free radicals that destroy your skin’s connective tissue. Blueberries also increase circulatory health, which can prevent unwanted lines, cellulite, and varicose veins. Eating blueberries will help maintain the healthy structure of your skin for a youthful and elastic look.

EMstore Recommends: 

Blueberry Soy Night Recovery Cream – this night cream reduces the visible signs of aging and revitalizes the texture of the skin.

The Eminence Blueberry Soy Night Recovery Cream repairs the appearance of aging skin and returns firmness
Eminence Citrus & Kale Potent C+E Masque


It comes as no surprise that this superfood is called the “queen of greens.” The vitamin C content in kale helps boost your skin health. Low amounts of vitamin C can weaken your collagen fibers and affect skin health. And since vitamin C also offers antioxidant protection, it sure does save your skin from the harmful UV radiation. Vitamin A is also present in kale. When Vitamin A is deficient, it can negatively impact your oil and sweat glands. 

EMstore Recommends:

Citrus and Kale Potent C+E Masque – Give your skin a boost of nourishing vitamins for the skin and helps reduce the appearance of sun damage and fine lines and wrinkles.

Acai Berries

Native to Central and South America, acai berries come from the acai palm tree, found in the Amazon rainforest. Acai berries, commonly found in the delicious bowls you see at your local health food spots, not only make your tasty treats a healthier alternative when snacking but a fantastic topical treatment to combat your fine lines and wrinkles. Besides being so rich in antioxidants, acai oil contains fatty acids that help the skin look tight.

EMstore Recommends:

Firm Skin Acai Moisturizer – This firming and hydrating acai moisturizer plumps and rejuvenates to minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

Eminence Firm Skin Acai Moisturizer
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If your skin in your selfies is looking a tad dull, spice up your skincare routine with a little paprika. Paprika does more than add a kick to your favorite foods. Paprika is loaded with essential vitamins and minerals, including vitamin C. The antioxidant-rich paprika helps your skin look supple and plump.

EMstore Recommends:

Hungarian Herbal Mud Masque – This active reinforcer is highly stimulating and improves skin tone and vitality. Energizing product for a healthy glow! 

Stay tuned for our March Superfoods Mix n' Match!

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